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Mikaël Randavel, Osteomyologist MAO (manip.)

De Lille, France

My first experience of ABC™ was amazing. I was originally treated for what had been months of severe knee pain which meant I could no longer walk nor climb/descend the stairs. I had tried several different practitioners including Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and even energy therapies, none of which had worked for me until I received my first ABC™ treatment.

After literally a couple of sessions, not only had the pain had completely gone and my knee was functioning at 100% but I could breathe better, stand upright without consciously holding myself up with muscular effort.

J'avais été aussi diagnostiqué avec de la dépression, du stress, de l'anxiété, une scoliose, une cyphose et la fibromyalgie depuis 17 années (depuis que j'avais l'âge de 11 ans). Aucun docteur ou aucune thérapie n'avait pu me soulager un minimum alors que ABC™ a pu m'aider assez rapidement à corriger tout les problèmes que j'avais par le passé et cela m'a permis d'avoir une deuxième chance dans la vie pour pouvoir faire des choses que je ne pouvais pas faire ainsi que de vivre une vie sans douleurs !

This experience inspired me to completely change my career. Since early 2015 I studied hard, attended many seminars and have now been practicing ABC™ and qualified as a Certified Instructor in order to teach this life changing technique to as many people as possible.

I invite all of you to come to one of our seminars to meet us and learn this method of structural healthcare which is certain to change your and your patient's life just like it has mine.